Tuesday, February 3, 2009

food: HobNobs 1984 - present

I just learned that McVitiie's introduced the indescribably wonderful HobNobs biscuits in 1984, as if any more proof was needed that it was the high point of Western civilization.

Did I learn this from the McVitie's web site? No. Is there even a McVitie's site? No, all they have is an awful bland page within United Biscuits' site with no lore, no excitement, and an incomprehensible URL http://www.unitedbiscuits.com/our-brands.php?rnd=EbQhEkgzYcOl1w1pnvjdM7hfOvapCXl3reedTJwN5JTyfuLJw0jfd8CbAtDrSnZ1. Maybe that's why this page is far down the list of search results when you Google for McVities biscuits.

There is a seemingly fun Japanese-language McVitie's site, though the 12-second repeating jingle could drive you insane.

United Biscuits need to hire me to market McVitie's. They had one good idea with the slogan "One nibble and you're nobbled" (it's not a promise, it's a threat), and then nothing.

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