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web: automating bits of Sprint Picture Mail

(The good programmer is lazy; instead of typing something over and over, she writes a script to automate the steps. The wizard programmer writes a set of object classes that model the problem at hand, and tells those objects to … Continue reading

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web: getting your pictures off Sprint Picture Mail

Sprint Picture Mail was an easy way to upload pictures on a feature phone to a web site where you could organize them into albums. But Sprint was never a serious player in the “online photo site” business. I criticized … Continue reading

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software: the future desktop environment

Since Windows blew up I’m happy enough running a free Linux desktop, the KDE environment running on the Kubuntu distribution. Three big Linux environments are all chasing a new vision: Gnome Shell, Ubuntu Unity, and KDE Plasma are all trying … Continue reading

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web: RIP Google Wave

Google is shutting down Back in 2009 it was the most exciting piece of software to come along in years. A real-time multi-user rich document editor!! So it can be a chat window, a collaborative Word document, a scrapbook, … Continue reading

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web: ten thousand pages about a hundred ways to do any one thing

Developing stuff on the web isn’t hard, anyone can View > Source your work, someone made those billion web pages, and a lot of web designers promote themselves by writing about their work. In general this is great and we … Continue reading

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web: say no to JavaScript templates you can’t try in a browser

Dear developers of JavaScript templating systems (all 23 of you), Instead of telling me that your baby runs in a browser and even showing me canned examples, let me interactively try it out! So Handlebars.js wins over EJS, jQote2, JSON … Continue reading

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web: Conoco’s feedback form incompetence proves SPage’s Law

Conoco-Phillips-76 e-mails me that my February statement is available on their web site. No it isn’t, they only have statement activity. I want to help companies do a better job, so I try and tell them using their contact form … Continue reading

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computers: browser-based efforts

I wrote a year ago that when it comes to computers, I want to be browser-based — since I’m doing most of my work in the browser, let me do nearly all my work in the browser. Boot 2 Gecko … Continue reading

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web: Amazon Cloud music, digits online, and piracy

Amazon’s Cloud Drive/Cloud Music Player is intriguing. It lets you play music from an online storage folder. It’s easy for Amazon to implement since they already have all the music files, so the millionth user with a hit song doesn’t … Continue reading

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software: Google/Android doesn’t know how to link

Why doesn’t Google/Android understand that “John Smith” or “Monk’s coffee shop” in an event, event location, or task refers to a contact in their own Contacts application? Continue reading

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