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Ever seen the Motorola BitSurfr ad "Meet the Veeblefesters" (find obnoxious home pages 8x faster)?

Well, this page is worse!

Newer Blog

My blog is powered by WordPress these days, still the same low-speed blender of art, ecology, music, skiing, cars. My old 2005–2010 orange Blogger blog is still intermixed in the same directory along with its labels.
You can follow my blog by adding http://www.skierpage.com/blog/ to your feed or iGoogle home page (here are more details on setting up Firefox 3).

The blog replaced my rants & raves, with just the rant about "See the reverse" idiocy from Wells Fargo Rewards.

Other stuff from before blogs

I maintained an exceptionally complete bibilography/mediagraphy of William Gibson, the great sf writer.

I have some information about the Carmageddon PC game, especially the Splat Pack courses

I like all kinds of music ("We like both kinds of music, Country and Western" -- The Blues Brothers movie), but I've got detailed pages for the black R&B supergroup and production powerhouse CHIC.

I used to (sniff) own the eponymous 1984 gray Civic "S" model, the most beautiful hatchback ever created.

Jhane Barnes is great, but alas I lost the domain jhanebarnesisgod.com to some Japanese/Chinese spammer. :-(

Social Web stuff

As I wrote in my immortal post web: it's one social network, not 1000 sites, I should be able to comment on any URL here and my comment should show up on other sites. The reality is I'm skierpage on dozens and dozens of social networks, forums, services:
Facebook GitHub Google+ Launchpad (Ubuntu) Twitter (some of these can OpenID OpenID me) etc. etc. etc.! FOAF

S Page
My e-mail address is the 5 characters of my name @ skierpage.com.
Death to spammers!