Sunday, May 7, 2006

music: F-G-reat

The UI of the music player on the Sanyo MM-9000 multimedia phone is weak, no playlists or organize by artist or genre. But just alphabetical play brings up lovely juxtapositions.
Fifty-Fifty Clown, Cocteau Twins
short and intense, Elizabeth Fraser's unintelligible vocals heighten the mood, the chords are unique
Flying North, Thomas Dolby
I just saw him in solo concert, he's got a white funk vibe underlying all the synth layers that drives this song like a locomotive
Folk Song, The Sundays
"Static and Silence" isn't as good as the earlier, utterly distinctive albums, but this is a lovely song about a sunny day that balances out the title track's nostalgia for the moon landing. It's really reminiscent of XTC's "I Remember the Sun".
For Free, Joni Mitchell
such an impeccable musician
Fotzepolitic, Cocteau Twins
More from "Heaven or Las Vegas"; out of order and without the title track and Iceblink Luck you realize how amazing that album is. Girl and guitar, like The Sundays.
Fretless, R.E.M.
nice rarity from the "Until the End of the World" soundtrack
Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires, Cocteau Twins
They liked songs starting with 'F' on "Heaven or Las Vegas"! Bulding steadily, ringing, moving from cold to warmth, extraordinary.
Gaucho, Steely Dan
The title track, probably the best-sounding song I own. The care they lavish over the chorus
Who is the gaucho amigo
Why is he standing
In your spangled leather poncho
And your elevator shoes
makes you burst out laughing. Recorded in seven studios with an early primitive digital sequencer, it proves that the abject failure of recent records to sound great isn't due to digital artefacts, or modern recording techniques, but a lack of will and skill.

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