Saturday, November 18, 2006

no self control

(Peter Gabriel)

I'm haughtily dismissive of the obese and otherwise addicted. Just go hungry, go without; feel that want and choke it back. It feels good for the soul in the machine to say no.

But my dentist and hygienist told me to floss regularly, and I just didn't, despite knowing that weak enamel and a diet high in McVities Hob Nobs don't mix. Every night it's late and I've got better things to do than shove string in my mouth, so I declared victory at once or twice a week.

Oops. I've had one miserably uncomfortable 75-minute filling, a week of toothache, had to return to have it ground down ("if the pain doesn't go away you may need a root canal"), and need another filling. Am I addicted to not-flossing? Why couldn't I Do the Right Thing? Not so haughty now.

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