Monday, November 20, 2006

stuff: Briggs & Riley fixes forever for free

I bought a Briggs & Riley carry-on suitcase about 11 years ago. The airlines have repeatedly beaten it up, until the zipper tore away from the corner, in an altercation that shattered the solid metal pull.

I took it to the Briggs & Riley service center in Moss Beach, they UPS'd it back repaired, for free. To quote their brochure:
We know what luggage goes through, so every Briggs & Riley bag comes with the only no-holds-barred guarantee in the business: if your luggage is ever damaged (even if it was caused by the airlines) we'll fix it, free of charge. Simple as that. By examining every damaged piece, we see how to continuously improve and refine our bags. We call it "Reality Engineering" and it means that Briggs & Riley luggage gets smarter every day for a better travel experience.
In a disposable world where everything is made cheap and a warranty is a cost center to minimize, that's impressive. I bought a closeout Superlight carry-on at a discount to tide me over and it is indeed better in many ways large and small. And Briggs & Riley have just improved again, with more rounded handles, improved wheels, etc.

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  • Totally agreed!
    I had a ripped zipper in a toiletry bag replaced last year, and it was quick, painless, free-of-charge and shipped right back to me without question. When my trusty (and seemingly indestructible) Victorinox rolling carry-on finally goes, I'll be replacing it with a B&R bag in short order.

    BTW- great shots of your solar setup. I'm in awe. :)

    By Scott Fegette, at November 20, 2006 4:17 PM  

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