My Carmageddon High Scores

jpwilson's 316 kill screenshot at the USA Carmageddon Web site inspired me.

Using Otis P. Jivefunk in the Caddy Fat Cat in the Carmageddon demo using the newcar patch and the time crack that disables the 5-minute demo limit (but not the game's timer):

339 kills on medium

jpwilson still has the max profit (165,995 vs. my108,495). I crashed around too much. But you have to drive pretty aggressively on medium, or you run out of time.

There's 32 seconds left in this screenshot, but I didn't find any more poor pedestrians. I found a few stashes of pedestrians in the badlands at the bottom of the map and north of the construction site, but Lord knows where the other 38 are. Maybe on top of the skylights and machine rooms on tops of the buildings? Or maybe "we" got them all, but other cars ran over the balance.

345 kills on easy

I tried to distract the other cars from killing "my" pedestrians, but they still snagged at least half a dozen.

I finally took out the dumptruck to end the game because I was bored trying to find the last few, if any, pedestrians. That's the screenshot. My time bonus was huge,it took minutes to count it down and add it to my profit, pushing up my profit 100,000+? points beyond what's in the screenshot, to 250K?, 350K?. But the demo ended and went to dead gray before I had a chance to snap it :-(

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