Bernard ('Nard) Rodgers

The bass player in the awesome "composed, arranged, performed and produced by CHIC" group.  He only made one solo album on his own but produced several artists.

"Glad to Be Here"

Cover: bass guitar in front of a mirror.

Alas, it's a pretty weak effort.

Production Work

Missing Persons

The Color in My life
Bernard Edwards production jobs
B. Abbe" <> says that Edwards produced this around 1983ish?

The Power Station

Tony Thompson played drums, I think 'Nard produced.  Norman Hathaway writes
the second power station album had edwards lay down bass tracks which were
to be replaced by taylor but, taylor resigned in order to check into rehab
so they stuck.


Alphabet City, 1987
ABC were one of the best Brit pop bands.  Super producer Trevor Horn produced their first hit-packed album "the Lexicon of Love".  Bernard Edwards co-produced their later 1987 album "Alphabet City", with the hit "When Smokey Sings", "The Night You Murdered Love", and other songs.

In an odd coincidence, Nile Rodgers wrote original songs for the movie "Alphabet City" in 1984.  Maybe ABC really liked the movie, or at least the title.


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