Monday, August 21, 2006

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Norman Foster, A Global Architecture, Martin Pawley 3.5 stars
A manageable reference to the works of the master, I read it for inspiration after a bad day.
ISBN 0-500-28123-8

In the Shadow of No Towers, Art Spiegelman 3 stars
Feeling-more-than-thinking about 9/11. Trying to make sense of it through earlier "golden age" comics almost makes sense.
ISBN 0375423079

The Broker, John Gresham 2 stars
The author obviously studied Italian in Bologna, then made a plotless tension-less book from his stay. All the secret agents converge on the protagonist for a wham-bang showdown, but since he didn't experience one in real life, he lacks the imagination to write it.
ISBN 0385340540

, stars


More to come if I can remember them all
  • all the Harry Potters (Prisoner of Azkaban still the best though Half-Blood Prince has a really well-written ending)
  • nearly everything by John Irving (my favorites are The Cider House Rules with its explosion of possibilities and the power of A Prayer for Owen Meany)

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