I'm skierpage, how to tell machines that?

View > Source of this page to see some Person JSON-LD from schema.org. It says the person with @id https://www.skierpage.com/people/skierpage/#person has some info on this web page. The JSON-LD is based on http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/how-to-implement-rel-author and view-source of http://ahmed.amayem.com/author/ahmed-amayem/ and https://jsonld.com/person/


what about link rel="me"?
Google indicates it doesn't support it https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6083347?visit_id=637473428704122836-520765841&rd=1
what about WebID?
what about FOAF?
I still have a FOAF RDF block, should I move it here? That has a public key for me.
what about OpenID?
I still have an OpenID reference on my web site's home page (history at /openid/, should I move it here?