2006: gee, an OpenID

This is for that cool OpenID service, I havehad an identity there to which this links as its openid.delegate.

Since I complained about identity management on my blog, the least I can do is try out a proposed solution.

2012: now FOAF and WebID, and Gravatar, and BrowserID

trueg's web post alerted me to the existence of a new standard, WebID. So I've added a link to my FOAF profile (Friend of a Friend), and somehow that will tie into my public-key certificate for my identity. Damn, this is complicated. It's sad and funny that his blog post about identity won't let me identify myself with OpenID or WebID, instead WordPress uses its odd "email lite" Gravatar identity service. I've set up an identity on that too.

2014: myopenid.net shuts down

Sadly myopenid.net stopped confirming OpenID identities, then shut down altogether. The dream lives on at https://indieauth.com/openid, so I followed instructions to identify that as my OpenID server on my home page. I have to keep this page going because some services actually let me long in as "http://www.skierpage.com/openid/". I also lost the

<meta http-equiv="X-XRDS-Location" content="http://skierpage.myopenid.com/xrds">
... whatever the hell that did.

So damn complicated!

2021: schema.org Person? WebID?

In 2020 I managed to create some book reviews with semantic web info communicated by the Review schema.org, authored by "author": "skierpage". Now Google Search Console complains skierpage is "Invalid object type for field "author" so yet again I have to delve into person identification. Maybe try a new /people/skierpage/ record?