Thursday, April 19, 2007

Look at that 'S car go'

A friend couldn't help making that triple pun. Nissan made their own triple entendre with the 1989 S-Cargo, a limited edition micro-van for the Japanese market that looks like a snail (French escargot). I finally saw one in person.
Nissan S-Cargo from side
S-Cargo logo on rear windowGet it? The owner jumps in on the pun with this dashboard tchotchke snail on S-Cargo dash

I've owned a Rabbit 'S' and the extremely handsome Honda Civic 'S', but the Audi and Porsche 'S' models have no appeal. The S-Cargo is tempting and surprisingly practical for such a pure expression of a snail shape, but no rich celebrity has loaned me a corner of her temperature-controlled garage.
Nissan S-Cargo from front corner



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