Friday, May 23, 2008

Jameson's law and making the right decision on a change

Some friends are wrestling with buying a house and moving far away. A big change, so a big tough decision. But Jameson casually made the most perspicacious statement I've ever heard on the subject:
If you want to be sure you're doing the right thing,
just keep on doing what you're doing
until you can't stand it any longer.
Read that several times. It's undeniably true: when your situation becomes sheer hell, the change won't be the wrong decision. You're probably nowhere near that point. But pondering what it would take to reach a state where the decision is obvious will help you realize either "Things aren't nearly that bad, I'll stay the course" or "Why wait for things to get that bad, I'll go for it". Read it again. Jameson is awesome.

Even more profound than SPage's law (any of the three so far).

It's sort of like my aphorism on marriage, “Welcome to the end of your life.” I've put that in a few wedding cards and gift tags, to the chagrin of the happy couple. If you can put a situation in a harsh light without sugar-coating and you still go for it, you're truly on the right track. It seems I love tough aphorisms, culminating in “Save the world, kill yourself.”



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