Monday, February 9, 2009

web: Dear John...

The [Ignore] button on Facebook's ridiculously-named "Friend requests" seems so harsh but I realized I was ignoring them anyway, so here's the Dear John letter I've started sending:

I'll always treasure the "Subject from obscure technical workplace e-mail from years ago" messages from you, but I don't hang out on Facebook much and the mismatch between Real Life and the 30 friends that Facebook claims I already have is too weird for me.


Facebook leaves it unclear what [Ignore] does, so I think I'll just leave them in my Friend Request, the pic is a useful reminder.



  • it's a silent 'ignore' that doesn't preclude them sending you other comments in the future. But that's a priceless Dear John letter!


    By Blogger SJ, at April 26, 2009 8:56 AM  

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