Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cars: BMW's disgusting anti-utility attitude

A boxy shape is the most sensible and practical car for more than 4 adults and their stuff. Focus on the people's comfort and you get a minivan, focus on compactness and you get a cube car like the original Scion xB, blend the two and you get a station wagon.

USA car marketers believe they have turned "minivan" and "station wagon" into the kiss of death. BMW admits they have to deliberately screw up their design for a new "car for more than 4 adults and their stuff" that they call a Progressive Activity Sedan; they even have the gall to tell us 0:38 into this concept sketch video
"A sedan isn't roomy enough.
A station wagon could be the best solution... (contemptuously) noeeeuuuuww that has too much utility character.
Maybe we could build it higher. It's just more impressive."
Worse aerodynamics, worse handling, more weight, worse gas mileage, and blocks everyone else's view of the road (which doesn't matter if you're a selfish self-centered oblivious asshole). The opposite of utility is frivolity and stupidity.

I love some of Chris Bangle's BMW designs and admire nearly all of them, but this just makes me hate, Hate, HATE BMW and anyone who will drive this particular model.

In the comments MR42HH provides pics of the Europeans making practical handsome cars like the Renault Avantime, Ford Galaxy, and Citro├źn Picasso when they're not afraid of "utility" (none of these are available in the USA):

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  • There's more leg room, both front and rear, in my Scion xB than in my Dodge Grand Caravan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 04, 2009 4:32 PM  

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