Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentines: most amazing book of love ever

Come February 14th, you can't help thinking about the four kinds of love:
  1. "Philia"
    Friendship, brotherly love
  2. "Eros"
    The drive to create or procreate
  3. "Agape"
    The one who is devoted to the other
  4. "lust"
    The current favorite
or maybe all 57:Chapter II of 'Love is Hell': The 57 Varieties of LoveLove is Hell, far more than the Simpsons or Futurama, is Matt Groening's magnum opus. Every single panel is stuffed with jokes, ideas, and painfully true insights.

I just ordered five more copies. This and Anna Karenina say more about love than any other books I've read. From Amazon's Look Inside the Book, the cover, and Chapter I.

And, damn, I just realized he wrote the strips in 1984. Best music ever, LA Olympics, the festive federalism design movement that the Olympics introduced, Macintosh release (shortly after Lisa and VisiOn. The high point of Western civilization!

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