Monday, April 27, 2009

movies: the mess that is Hancock

Hancock is a mess of a movie in many ways. Pointless shaky camerawork, inconsistent soundtrack, an unexplained superhero battle that showed up from a different movie, characters who are randomly weak or indestructible according to the immediate needs of the plot, a struggling PR guy driving an old BMW who lives in a $4M modern house, Charlize Theron slapping laughable makeup on when the going gets tough. It's got a stirring idea, the characters are great, it's a new take on superheroes, some of the movie has a wonderful tired-out feel that plays off comic book gloss. But yet again the most charismatic movie star in the world ends up in a movie that could be great and instead falls way short — I, Robot, I Am Legend, and now this.

You watch the Blu-ray making-of featurettes and it's all revolting ass-kissing about how great everyone is. Sure they are talented people, yet they screwed up. The set decorator (Rosemary Brandenburg) talks about all the objects that symbolize Charlize Theron's healing power, but it's wasted and counter to what happens in the movie. Is it the fault of hired gun director Peter Berg, or Will Smith again producing his own movie?

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2.5 out of 5

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