Thursday, October 25, 2007

art: just get some, you know you need it

San Francisco Open Studios is on. Lots of art, and following Sturgeon's Law, 10% of it is pretty good.

Walking the dogs, I'm stunned by how many bare interior walls I see. Not even a KISS poster, let alone fine art. Heck, get some black tape and frame part of the whiteness, make your own Robert Ryman minimalist monochrome. Then go see some studios the next two weekends! Don't be intimidated, art is just stuff.

Maybe people fear buyer's remorse, getting something that later looks dull, or whose familiarity breeds contempt. Here's my solution! If something strikes a chord, tell the artist, and ask her if you can get an inkjet printout of it for a test drive. Offer $10 for the print, don't be a cheapskate. Take it home and stick it on that bare white expanse that's begging for aesthetic relief. You'll know if you picked a winner. Then go back and buy the original! If you really can't afford art, tell the artist and make a deal. They're poor too.



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