Thursday, December 6, 2007

The asymmetry of fame

It's a strange feeling to be a fan and meet your idol/heroine. You follow him or her from afar, you acquire their artistic output, maybe you write about them, and one day you're there up close and personal. It's the high point of your year, but for them it's another interaction on a grueling tour.

I've met William Gibson at book signings, Thomas Dolby after a concert, Adrian Legg at a ridiculously sparsely attended gig, and now Jhane Barnes. William Gibson knew about my bibliography/mediagraphy, and registering the domain JhaneBarnesIsGod.com does get you noticed, but c'mon, I'm standing next to one of the preĆ«minent artists of our time. The only thing to do is drop to your knees and prostrate yourself, “We're not worthy” Wayne's World style.



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