Tuesday, November 28, 2006

stuff: low-quality Hi-Def at Best Buy

Criticizing Best Buy is like shooting fish in a barrel, but their sales effort is so poor they have to hear it over and over.

I want a new TV. It's in a bright room so I want LCD rather than plasma. I don't want to block the fabulous view so 46" is my limit. According to this fine explanation, at my 10-foot viewing distance I won't be able to discern the finer resolution of a 1080p set (1920x1080), so a 720p set (usually 1366x768) is sufficient.

So I go to Best Buy. The TVs are arranged at random, with plasmas next to LCDs. Most are running concert video footage that's 480p at best. A few are playing DVDs. Some have the sharpness control set so high that hair and fur sparkles. None of the sets I want to compare are next to each other. So picture quality comparisons are simply impossible. They are selling a Samsung true 1080p TV for less than the Samsung 720p TV that the salesman recommends to me, and there's no indication of why the lower resolution TV costs more.

Later I go to Best Buy's web site and try to compare. They have a Sony KDL-46S2000 for $1,979.99 and a Sony KDL-46S2010 for $2,519.99. There is absolutely no difference between them in Best Buy's online comparator, and the individual product page for the cheaper set lists many more features. Each TV in the comparator has several features that no other set has, e.g. for "Brightness" the Samsung has "500 cd/m²" and the Sony has nothing, while for "Remote control type" the Sony has "Standard" and the Samsung is blank. ??!

I could read the Plasma and LCD Flat-Panel Displays AVS Forum to get feedback from some impassioned expert users, but most product threads have 400 replies and some have over 2,500 replies!

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  • I've started down this path a bit too. We're getting set to finish our basement in our new house up here in Portland (snow yesterday! ... not enough to even make a snowball). It's gonna be fairly dark, so I was thinking plasma (seems to be cheaper than LCD).

    Only downside I've been reading about is the possibility of burning in an image if I sit on a channel with a ticker too long. Haven't figured out what "too long" equals -- 4 hours? 10 hours? a week?

    Anyhow, keep posting on your HD findings ... I'm interested!

    By Blogger Josh, at November 29, 2006 1:54 PM  

  • Josh, I finally got one, I skipped the comparison and analysis and just bought the special offer.

    By Blogger skierpage, at August 24, 2008 1:37 AM  

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