Sunday, April 12, 2009

the resurrection of Jesus versus Elvis

Happy Easter! Jesus was brutally killed believing it was the will of the vengeful, mixed-up God of the Old Testament. I don’t see how that gets Christians “washed clean of sin and freed from all defilement” — Christian soteriology (not in Firefox's spell checker!) is pretty opaque (Wikipedia for once doesn't help) and AIUI took a few hundred years for believers to make sense of it. Jesus’ resurrection is the mother of all comebacks if true, but it’s so much more likely someone took the body and his devoted followers had “Elvis sightings.”

I think Paddy McAloon was riffing on the similarity in the amazing cycles of songs in Jordan: The Comeback, e.g. the title song:
Layin' on my back bidin' my time
I'm just waitin' for the right song
- Then I'm comin' back
and Moondog
The funeral cars crawl down
The heartbreak side of town
The mourners all discuss
The boy who caused a fuss
We chopped a billion trees to print up eulogies
MOONDOG! - Guess who's on the moon
The one place left to play
The comeback's underway
Here's a good analysis of the resurrection story which makes some fascinating points I didn't know, such as the "dark ages" of the early Christian church between 58 and 95 CE, and the push to "sex up" the resurrection details in the later gospels to outcompete the proto-Gnostics.



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