Wednesday, November 29, 2006

web: an OpenID for me

Open ID logoI complained about the hassles of identity management in "it's one social network, not 1000 sites", so the least I can do is try out a proposed solution.

I followed the steps in this post. Now I’ve got an OpenID from myopenid.com (skierpage.myopenid.com). I am using delegation so that my official identity can forever live at the URI http://www.skierpage.com/openid.

What's the point?
To login to an OpenID-enabled website (even one you've never been to before), just type your OpenID URI. ...
Note: No more registering over and over at each Web site! What happens next:
The website will then redirect you to your OpenID Provider to login using whatever credentials it requires. Once authenticated, your OpenID provider will send you back to the website with the necessary credentials to log you in.
Sounds cool, I hope this takes off because unlike corporate attempts like Microsoft Passport:
Nobody should own this. Nobody's planning on making any money from this. The goal is to release every part of this under the most liberal licenses possible, so there's no money or licensing or registering required to play. It benefits the community as a whole if something like this exists, and we're all a part of the community.




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