My PhotoName: S Page
Location: bay area, United States

I’m skierpage most everywhere on the net

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  1. Hastobea Secret says:

    Nazi Lawn Dwarf Murders is in a fanzine, circa late 80’s, by Lew Shiner

  2. dhp says:

    I was here 🙂

  3. Tony Elston says:

    as it’s ok for dhp to write “I was here”, I hope it’s ok for me to do same. Don’t get this “feed” stuff tho’, or rather: I get the principle, not the d*** practice. x

    • skierpage says:

      In the list on the side of every page, scroll down to “Entries RSS”. That’s a feed to which you can subscribe. You use a program like Google Reader to read all your feeds.

      I don’t know if there’s a program that will e-mail you every time there’s a new article in a feed; that’s old school, like wanting a fax every time someone texts you. A better question is why can’t Gmail let you track feeds, so you see unread stuff in a “skierpage blog” folder in Gmail? The answer is Google is big and getting dumb, and the Gmail team jealously guards “their” program from becoming an inbox for other kinds of new items.

  4. EKT searcher. says:

    Please help find ulterior motives (everyone knows that), it’s a song that we only have 17 seconds of but nobody knows the official name or who the artist is and we can’t find a longer version of the song anywhere. Shazam, Google & YouTube just show random recreations of the song but not the actual original song, there is a Reddit group for this song and we have been searching since 2021 but to no avail.

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