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software: making it safer to run random programs

I was dubious about Google’s new Fuchsia operating system, but it has some very interesting ideas, including capability-based execution. Programs that can do nothing until you grant them capabilities are so much better – I hate downloading some Windows .EXE … Continue reading

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music: so much great instrumental guitar

All the tired old people complaining about “the music today” just aren’t trying. With nearly all recorded music a click away, today’s musicians are building on the best in every genre. My journey through modern instrumental guitar from Vulfpeck to … Continue reading

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cars: electrics eat supercars

There was a lot of coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. More noisy $1M+ supercars that don’t even pretend to be anything other than garage queens that the ultra-rich trailer to the race track for catered racing experiences; more … Continue reading

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eco: the latest on gravity energy storage

A year ago I wrote “eco: energy storage is hard, gravity storage as a game”, using physics and a units calculator to show how hard it is to profitably store energy using gravity. Gravity storage isn’t a scam, but nothing … Continue reading

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cars: salespeople that don’t sell cars you can’t get

2013 trip to dealer Scene: in front of one Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid out of many that’s close to the spec I want.Me: I’m thinking of ordering this hybrid in a different color. Can I just sit in it?Salesperson: please, yes! … Continue reading

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