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books: William Gibson flashes of excellence

Early William Gibson is so white-hot, not just the fantastic Sprawl series (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive) but also his short stories, adaptations, and explorations. My 30-year-old web page captures all his output back then, including the rarities. It’s … Continue reading

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web: book reviews again

I have a substantial pile of books I’ve read that will injure me in an earthquake. I ought to write perspicacious pithy reviews of them. I could write them on Amazon, but why should Amazon own and profit from my … Continue reading

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books: bad SF

Singularly unconvincing 2015-07-25skierpageproduct Accelerando (Singularity) by Charles Stross ★★☆☆☆ The singularity assumes ever-accelerating technological change (hence the title), but after a fairly solid beginning it was a fatally dumb idea to spend a chunk of the book on a long … Continue reading

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computers: William Gibson and brain interfaces

Slashdot breathlessly summarizes a rather weak project combining virtual reality headset and a brainwave reading device with the editorial. Consumer level brain computer interfaces are still primitive these days, but it doesn’t seem too far off that we’ll have virtual … Continue reading

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books: sex and science-fiction

Three S.F. books, all going way beyond impersonal characterless scientists in lab coats. Sprawling, very good! 2011-02-20skierpageproduct River of Gods by Ian McDonald ★★★★☆ This does a fantastic job of presenting the foreign culture of Indian nation-states on the brink … Continue reading

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books: Richard Ford’s dispassionate adultery misses his peak

far from his best Jan 01, 2011 by skierpageproduct A Multitude of Sins ★★☆☆☆ Richard Ford‘s short story The Womanizer in book 40 of the Granta literary magazine knocked me out, perhaps my favorite modern short story until The God … Continue reading

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books: a dull book about design

Small Things Considered is lazy and downright terrible. Continue reading

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