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excess: own something owned by someone famous, for crazy money

Nile Rodgers is auctioning a bunch of guitars. I don’t think he’s selling his famous white Fender Stratocaster “the Hitmaker,” which I couldn’t afford anyway. It reminded me that I meant to blog about David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd’s) record-breaking … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Ovation

I blogged about the crazy auction prices that guitars owned by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour attained, particular those he’d never even used. The example I gave was a Ovation 12-string acoustic bought from the factory along with several other models, … Continue reading

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eco: YouTuber hypes Plasma Kinetics hydrogen nonsense

Hydrogen, the clean fuel of the future (as long as you ignore the problems of making it cleanly, distributing it, and storing it, and its inevitably worse efficiency than electrifying all the things) keeps getting hyped by people who choose … Continue reading

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eco: let me de-junk my order!

When you order stuff, you get unwanted crap. Why send me stuff that costs a non-zero amount that I’m immediately going to throw away or struggle to recycle!? order food for takeout or delivery, you get sauce packets, chopsticks, plastic … Continue reading

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music: The Sundays trounce Joni Mitchell

You dance with the lady with the hole in her stockingDidn’t it feel good?‒ Joni Mitchell Oh, you see me in a cardiganIn a dress, dress, dress that I’ve been sick onOh, how are you?Can’t say I really care at … Continue reading

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