music: The Sundays trounce Joni Mitchell

You dance with the lady with the hole in her stocking
Didn’t it feel good?
‒ Joni Mitchell

Oh, you see me in a cardigan
In a dress, dress, dress that I’ve been sick on
Oh, how are you?
Can’t say I really care at the end of it all
‒ The Sundays

Harriet Wheeler by a knockout! 🏆

Harriet Wheeler’s brutal self-awareness, hard-won from recollecting key youthful experiences (“It’s the memories of the shed that make me turn red,” “I won the war in the sitting room… but it cost me,” “Call it young and wild But I ran a mile in a minute and there’s no going back”), is more interesting, though more elusive, than Joni Mitchell mining her emotional states.

Today I learned from Genius that Joni was probably riffing on “Dance with the Dolly with the Hole in her Stocking” by the Andrews Sisters.

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