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computers: 18 years of ThinkPads

(from my series “lovingly preparing old electronics for reuse, only for them to be dumped in a pile of E-waste”) IBM originally came up with the “ThinkPad” name for its pen-operated “slate” personal computer running the PenPoint operating system. That … Continue reading

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cars: Tesla Model S Plaid is a bargain at $131,000

The Tesla Model S Plaid is crazy. Nitpicking fans are arguing over whether 0-60 in 2 seconds (!) is real because 1-foot rollout and special pavement blah blah, but Motor Trend managed to do it and found: Faster projected quarter-mile … Continue reading

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cars: genuine excellence vs. milking the ultra-rich

zOMG, the 25th McLaren F1 built with only 242 miles on the clock, including the luggage, the watch, the magnesium toolkit, … Moooo… Back in 1995 McLaren built a jaw-dropping advance on any production car and most race cars for … Continue reading

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