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books: William Gibson flashes of excellence

Early William Gibson is so white-hot, not just the fantastic Sprawl series (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive) but also his short stories, adaptations, and explorations. My 30-year-old web page captures all his output back then, including the rarities. It’s … Continue reading

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Would aliens understand human music?

Listening to people get OpenAI Jukebox continue songs, one is struck by how weird some of its flights of fancy are. Someone wondered what aliens would make of its attempts to make human music: imagine meeting totally analytical aliens who … Continue reading

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eco: energy storage is hard, gravity storage is a game

The majority of new electricity generation in North America and Europe is renewable wind and solar, hooray! But they’re variable. The wind and sun may generate more energy than is needed at times, and fall short at others. If the … Continue reading

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music: Trevor Horn gigantism

Bruce Forest, the creator of this everything-and-the-kitchen-sink remix of Grace Jones’ “Sleeve to the Rhythm” provided entertaining background in a Facebook comment on one of Trevor Horn ‘s magna opera/Mount Everests. “What do you get if you combine 2 years … Continue reading

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