cars: Rivian R1S is an excellent big EV

Rivian R1S

We rented a Rivian R1S EV on Turo so seven of us could tourist around for the day in comfort; it happened to be in Forest Green with light Ocean Coast interior that I would spec were I to need a three-row SUV (I don’t! that’s why there are rentals!). It’s spacious, comfortable, high tech but usable, quiet, made in America, and gets 71 MPG equivalent. If you buy a gasoline-swilling CO2-belching Range Rover or bloated generic Audi/BMW/Jeep/Mercedes/Porsche Q7/Q8/X7/Wagoneer/GLS/Cayenne crossover instead of this or another premium battery-electric crossover, you should probably be ashamed of the choice you made.

Rivian recently announced a smaller R2 and unexpectedly a dinky even smaller R3 as well; the latter sounds like it would be perfect for us.

side view of silver Rivian R3 future car model

The company is still losing money, but it has $9 billion in cash and the R1S was the 4th highest selling EV in the USA in Q1 2024. The combustion age is ending! 🔋🚗💪

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