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music: Blossom Dearie swings coolly, perfectly

Lo-fi but enchanting, maybe the best piano+female vocal I’ve heard At 0:39 the way she trills “surrey-with” and echoes the vibrato moments later in “fringe” is magic.  From 1:35 on her swung notes in winking, blinking, if-yur thinkin’ is right … Continue reading

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skiing: better gloves

My replacement Swany Flexor FX-15 gloves were terrible, so I got new gloves, as did a ski buddy. They’re both Gore-Tex with leather palms and fingers. They both have leashes so you can’t lose a glove. The Dakine Rover gloves … Continue reading

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skiing: Swany trashes their reputation

I had a pair of leather Swany Flexor gloves for years. These have articulated fingers “technology created for NASA space missions.” Quality comfortable gloves. They worked well for about 7 years but finally the thumb gave way, probably because I … Continue reading

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software: the future desktop environment

Since Windows blew up I’m happy enough running a free Linux desktop, the KDE environment running on the Kubuntu distribution. Three big Linux environments are all chasing a new vision: Gnome Shell, Ubuntu Unity, and KDE Plasma are all trying … Continue reading

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web: RIP Google Wave

Google is shutting down Back in 2009 it was the most exciting piece of software to come along in years. A real-time multi-user rich document editor!! So it can be a chat window, a collaborative Word document, a scrapbook, … Continue reading

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cars: aftermarket versions as status symbols

When it comes to status symbol cars , I’m always reminded of this purveyor: Cars are an extension of ourselves, like DNA. And if you have the wrong DNA, you should be put out to pasture. When it comes to … Continue reading

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