cars: aftermarket versions as status symbols

Brucie's Executive Lifestyle AutosWhen it comes to status symbol cars , I’m always reminded of this purveyor:

Cars are an extension of ourselves, like DNA. And if you have the wrong DNA, you should be put out to pasture. When it comes to autos, auto modifications, or the kind of lifestyle advice that will make you a winner, come to Brucie’s Executive Autos.

Play to win, all the time, with the kind of cars winners have. My name’s Bruce Kibbutz. How do winners roll? I’m talking automotive bling, baby. I’m talking rims made with fake spinning gemstones. I’m talking putting your name in classy script on the hood. I’m talking about being original, just like everybody else who can afford to be. I’m talking about taking a 250,000 dollar sports car designed by world-class engineers and letting a guy from East Hook modify it so it’s worth a lot less. That’s right, A LOT LESS! That’s player style baby! Because you can, because you’re different! Brucie’s Executive Lifestyle Autos!”

— from the parody masters at GTA, Dan Houser and Laszlow.

Here’s the video


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