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music: female backup singer makes the song

Musicians bring in the backup singer who’s often technically more gifted than the lead singer in the band, and she never gets enough credit. The canonical example is “The Great Gig in the Sky” on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of … Continue reading

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audio: casually serious KEF speakers

I’ve been looking for something better than my little Jambox desktop speaker for years (here and here). After reading a glowing review of the KEF LS60 floor-standing active wireless speakers, I realized its baby siblings have the same do-everything connectivity … Continue reading

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art: love and ancient mastery at the Legion of Honour

John Singer Sargent in Spain is pretty good. Paintings of fishermen and male artists looking at the viewer with smouldering eyes… it’s puzzling that a San Francisco museum didn’t mention the “lifelong bachelor”‘s likely love affair with Albert de Belleroche, … Continue reading

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music: Pino Palladino’s epic bass fill

Imma let you finish, but 6:35 into “Badman’s Song” Pino Palladino unleashes the epic bass fill OF ALL TIME 🤯🔥. I’ve listened to Tears for Fears’ The Seeds of Love dozens of times and somehow missed it amongst the piano … Continue reading

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