music: Pino Palladino’s epic bass fill

Imma let you finish, but 6:35 into “Badman’s Song” Pino Palladino unleashes the epic bass fill OF ALL TIME 🤯🔥.

I’ve listened to Tears for Fears’ The Seeds of Love dozens of times and somehow missed it amongst the piano and drums fireworks (Oleta Adams and Manu Katché 😍), until someone pointed it out in comments on a video about another extraordinary run that Palladino dropped on John Mayer’s “Who Do You Think I Was” (How PINO PALLADINO played the PERFECT bass fill). In my defense, it’s two understated seconds in the mix and overshadowed by all the other sterling musicianship on this big album (“Its lengthy production and scrapped recording sessions cost over £1 million” – Wikipedia). I’m gonna need a bigger woofer 🔊 for this and Jaco Pastorius on “Havona”.

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