art: love and ancient mastery at the Legion of Honour

John Singer Sargent in Spain is pretty good. Paintings of fishermen and male artists looking at the viewer with smouldering eyes… it’s puzzling that a San Francisco museum didn’t mention the “lifelong bachelor”‘s likely love affair with Albert de Belleroche, even on the latter’s portrait! For that matter, Sargent’s paintings of donkeys have more feeling than his chilly society portraits of women…??

portrait of Albert de Belleroche by John Singer Sargent, 1882
love is in the air

As always at the Legion of Honor, the mysterious Cycladic sculptures with their curved Brancusi faces and rigidly incised folded arms KO everything else in the building, including Rodin. The artist known as the Goulandris Master was teaching Picasso and Henry Moore everything about human sculptures, FOUR THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO 🤯!

three Cycladic sculptures by the artist known as the Goulandris Master, 2500 BCE

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