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music: Brad Mehldau so smart so good

I love Brad Mehldau’s solo “Blackbird” the most of all the recent jazz versions, his album of Beatles is wonderful, his own work is all over the place (Jacob’s Ladder and Finding Gabriel are intense), and this interview is solid … Continue reading

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cars: Rivian R1S is an excellent big EV

We rented a Rivian R1S EV on Turo so seven of us could tourist around for the day in comfort; it happened to be in Forest Green with light Ocean Coast interior that I would spec were I to need … Continue reading

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art: Serra “Band” broke me

I unexpectedly met Richard Serra’s Band again, at LACMA; surely one of his greatest. I was sad at the great man’s[*] death in 2024, but walking around and through its spaces one more time left me collapsed and sobbing. Museum … Continue reading

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web: sometimes it’s not a typo

Anomie & Bonhomie is an underrated Scritti Politti album, the rapping and scratching and turntable noises put some fans off. “Umm” is a phenomenal everything-but-the-kitchen-sink track, and “Tinseltown to the Boogiedown” just oozes style. Don’t call me Shirley, Lee Both … Continue reading

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web: spammers copying my pages

Someone found my post about my legendary Herman-Miller Levity standing desk and added a comment asking about operating manuals for it. When I searched (using DuckDuckGo) for manuals Herman-Miller “Levity standing desk”, it returned my post, but also found bogus … Continue reading

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music: questions and comments for Michael Omartian and Rick Beato

Rick Beato has a great interview with Michael Omartian, a funny thoughtful guest who’s a fine producer, arranger, and keyboard player. At 50:00 Rick references “the SNL skit with Michael McDonald where he was singing on everything at that point.” … Continue reading

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there aren’t civilizations more advanced than us nearby

The Fermi paradox is brutal and sad. Civilizations in the Milky Way more advanced than us us seem vanishingly unlikely. The Milky Way galaxy is only 90,000 light years across. So any civilization that managed to reach our level on … Continue reading

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music: CHIC appreciation part 42

Great to see Jack Stratton acknowledging the Titans of funk R&B, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards (RIP) of CHIC, in his Don’t Steal This Groove music production video. He recreates their chucking guitar sound and clear bass. But I’ve been … Continue reading

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web: multimedia killed by far worse videos

Video now consumes most Internet bandwidth. But video is terrible for imparting information about… stuff on web pages, or for teaching me about music. Videos that scroll through web pages It is nuts that in order to read about, say … Continue reading

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demise of the open web, yet again

More handwringing over how the web has gotten worse. There have always been lots of The Web is Dead articles – here’s one from 2010!, but Denny Vrandečić mentioned more recent ones in a great Facebook post, including Why the … Continue reading

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