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music: CHIC appreciation part 42

Great to see Jack Stratton acknowledging the Titans of funk R&B, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards (RIP) of CHIC, in his Don’t Steal This Groove music production video. He recreates their chucking guitar sound and clear bass. But I’ve been … Continue reading

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web: multimedia killed by far worse videos

Video now consumes most Internet bandwidth. But video is terrible for imparting information about… stuff on web pages, or for teaching me about music. Videos that scroll through web pages It is nuts that in order to read about, say … Continue reading

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demise of the open web, yet again

More handwringing over how the web has gotten worse. There have always been lots of The Web is Dead articles – here’s one from 2010!, but Denny Vrandečić mentioned more recent ones in a great Facebook post, including Why the … Continue reading

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eco: no recycling needed if you never buy

Hey cunning linguists, what’s the German word for “Fear of buying something new because that would still leave you with the old thing that kind of works as well and it’s not eco to just throw it out so you … Continue reading

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music: “new” Beatles songs will never end

“Now and Then” is sweet and has a good backstory, but this is not the last Beatles song. 2024: Sean Lennon finds a tape of his dad whistling a fragmentary tune and muttering a few lines. The remaining Beatles and … Continue reading

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music: more Cory Wong live greatness, Mark Lettieri!

The Fearless Flyers Live in Europe joins the triumvirate, the Holy Trinity of low-volume mostly instrumental handheld-camera concert videos: CORY WONG // LIVE IN MPLS // 9 FEB 2019, Vulfpeck Live at Madison Square Garden, and now this. Hmm, what … Continue reading

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music: 10cc of near greatness

Someone said something that reminded me of a lyric, turns out it was from a 10cc song. They’re still famous for “I’m Not in Love,” a song so immaculately crafted that I unwillingly succumbed to its overwraught bathos (pathos? mythos?). … Continue reading

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web: how to read blocked web articles

It’s an arms race to read articles that fade out under a “Please subscribe” overlay. In Firefox, try: I feel bad doing this, and a little less bad for running uBlock Origin to disable ads. I subscribe to the Guardian, … Continue reading

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Nuala, 2007-2023

The original title… For years in my mind this obituary was titled “Angry lesbian bitch.” Shortly after we adopted Nuala, a group of teenage boys stayed with us and learned that if you lightly poked her, she would make a … Continue reading

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YouTube jokes

Concrete science A science YouTuber made an entertaining informative video “Explaining concrete while getting buried in it,” and found that he would rise out of the concrete slurry. Which prompted this carefully-researched anecdote: skierpage9:39 “I did not expect to be … Continue reading

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