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software: Fedora 15 feedback

The Fedora 15 announcement says A list of the problems we already know about can be seen on the Common F15 bugs page,at If you find a bug that’s not found on that page, be sure it gets fixed … Continue reading

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computers: trying new distributions

I’m still running the Kubuntu flavor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, now up to version 10.10. It’s lovely that Linux distributions get steadily better for free, and thanks in a small part to my bug reports and testing.  The glitches … Continue reading

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computers: one billion bytes of RAM isn’t enough

I’m typing this on a Falcon Northwest top-of-the-line desktop computer. It’s from 2004. The Athlon 3000 dual core CPU can keep up with most of my needs, the 100GB disk has enough space, the audio is fine, the video can … Continue reading

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books: Richard Ford’s dispassionate adultery misses his peak

far from his best Jan 01, 2011 by skierpageproduct A Multitude of Sins ★★☆☆☆ Richard Ford‘s short story The Womanizer in book 40 of the Granta literary magazine knocked me out, perhaps my favorite modern short story until The God … Continue reading

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books: a dull book about design

Small Things Considered is lazy and downright terrible. Continue reading

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