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software: misplaced Linux desktop angst, just make HTML5 great

Linux users and developers bemoan the few apps available for their desktop. Where are the app developers? is a typical lament. But every commercial next-gen platform going up against Apple/Android — BlackBerry X, Tizen, even Windows — has figured out … Continue reading

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cars: BMW i8 climbs down from greatness

The good news is some version of the BMW i8 will probably enter production. It’s still a looker, but the EfficientDynamics Vision concept was beyond belief, easily the greatest concept car so far this millennium. (Watch the designers talk about … Continue reading

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software: accelerating the development of EVERYTHING

Draft incomplete thoughts and missing links but I just had to get something out… Marc Andreessen said software is eating entire industries, and from my own personal experience he’s really onto something. Most heard about Facebook buying Instagram for one … Continue reading

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design: Downton Abbey’s sartorial nirvana

Downton Abbey is high-class underwritten clichéd claptrap (I thought the smug writer-producer mahvelling over his work in the BBC parody really was Julian Fellowes), but season 1 episode 5 achieves sartorial nirvana.  Lady Mary’s charcoal cutaway riding outfit, the men’s cream … Continue reading

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web: Wikipedia editing ideas

Wikipedia wants to attract and retain editors. “Ideas are cheap, implementation costs,” but here are my thoughts anyway as a long-time but sporadic contributor. For all I know these have been discussed at length and rejected or deferred… New pages … Continue reading

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