skiing: better gloves

My replacement Swany Flexor FX-15 gloves were terrible, so I got new gloves, as did a ski buddy.

They’re both Gore-Tex with leather palms and fingers. They both have leashes so you can’t lose a glove.

The Dakine Rover gloves seem even better. There’s a built-in squeegee on the back of the left thumb, and the right thumb has a soft nose wipe.

I decided to get a gauntlet glove instead of a cuff, because a ski jacket won’t stay over a glove. But the Dakine completely blows it by having an interior drawstring. Instead of pulling the gauntlet over your jacket, then pulling the edge of it tight, you have to fish around inside and try to pull that over your jacket.

The problem with glove leashes is the gloves hang upside down, and then snow gets in them, and when you put them back on you wedge the snow into the fingertip and it won’t come out.

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