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web: Amazon Cloud music, digits online, and piracy

Amazon’s Cloud Drive/Cloud Music Player is intriguing. It lets you play music from an online storage folder. It’s easy for Amazon to implement since they already have all the music files, so the millionth user with a hit song doesn’t … Continue reading

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software: Google/Android doesn’t know how to link

Why doesn’t Google/Android understand that “John Smith” or “Monk’s coffee shop” in an event, event location, or task refers to a contact in their own Contacts application? Continue reading

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web: Why is there Facebook at all?

Social networking sites are weird. All they do is host shared bits of data between groups of people they mislabel as “friends”. But why on earth do we store our  private thoughts, pictures, and information on a central site that … Continue reading

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computers: I want to be browser-based

Google’s ChromeOS “nothing but web” replacement for the heavyweight PC environment is nearing release, though overshadowed by Android’s unstoppable rise for smart phones and tablets and Google TV. I wish Firefox and the Linux distributions would proceed with similar initiatives. … Continue reading

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open source: YOU are the marketing department

There are hundreds of thousands of open source projects, each addressing a problem and hoping to make the world a better place, and most struggle to gain traction.  It’s disheartening that so many open source contributors fail so badly at … Continue reading

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web: computer NELL learns by reading

NELL follows in the footsteps of Cyc, but Wikipedia already codifies all the easy facts. Continue reading

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Blogger import and maintaining old blog URLs

I exported my site from the Blogger console, which produced a big XML file of my site in Atom feed format.  Now what? I can import by Adding the Blogger import plug-in to WordPress, which seems to ignore the export … Continue reading

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Shifting to WordPress

Blogger stopped supporting FTP, so I haven’t been able to update my blog, nor have people’s comments on pages shown up. I finally got Monkeybrains to install WordPerfect (their page says “Email monkeybrains, and we’ll set up a WordPress blog … Continue reading

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