music: Lil Nas X and pop today

Meaghan Garvey wrote an insightful funny review of Lil Nas X for NPR that’s also about the state of pop music, and funny to boot!

β€œthe exquisite schadenfreude of the biggest pop stars on the planet, including Drake and Taylor Swift, being denied the Hot 100’s No. 1 spot for three months and counting thanks to a cowboy novelty song from a former Nicki Minaj stan account operator. …
maybe for his next act he’d be a fishing boat captain, sending sea shanties with trap drums up the SoundCloud charts.”

(A “stan” is an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.)

Older folks, watch the video (Chris Rock!) to avoid being hopelessly out of touch 🀠🐎 The Genius lyrics site can explain some of the references such as “Lean all in my bladder.”

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