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There are lots of music exploration and music theory videos on YouTube. “The 7 Levels of Jazz Harmony” by Adam Neely is pure joy. Even if you don’t know your E♭maj7 from a hole in the ground, even if you hate jazz, the way he builds on a simple short pop phrase is musical, funny, inspiring, weird. I’ve watched it 7 times, and Lizzo’s “Juice” and the Scoville scale for hot peppers have permanently fused in my brain.

I joined Patreon just to reward Adam Neely for this achievement.
🎼👂🧠❤️ 😍!

If you like this sort of thing, Rick Beato has a great series “What Makes this Song Great” where he breaks down great rock and pop songs track-by-track and moment-by-moment to identify the elements of the composition, production, and performance that make it great. If for example you’ve ever wondered why “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by the Police is so appealing despite some cheesy elements, his breakdown is gold.

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