eco: reviving an IKEA Jansjö light

IKEA Jansjö LED desk lamp circa 2009The IKEA Jansjö was amazing 12 years ago, a cheap bright LED lamp when others cost $150. It was $40 (went down to $15 and now may be discontinued). But the switches on them were awful. Both of ours flicker and conk out unless you squeeze or bang the switch just right. I love the final repair step in Fixing flickering Ikea Jansjö lamps : “This POS switch doesn’t deserve UL approval, so remedy that with a Sharpie” 😄

X-ing out the UL approval for the crappy IKEA Jansjö switch, by David Kronstein

Those instructions explain how to repair the existing switch by opening it up and soldering. That was beyond my skills, so I ordered a quality cord switch, the Leviton 5410-W appliance switch for less than 5 bucks. I don’t own “external snap ring pliers” so I just brute-force dismantled the existing crap IKEA switch. Even then it was hard to pull the wires out. Connecting the Leviton switch to the lamp cable was a breeze in comparison.

awful IKEA cord switch remnant on bottom, quality Leviton switch on top

Reduce, repair, reuse, recycle

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