art: market is flash stuff on the wall

For $0 I’m glad I went, but was overwhelming to the point of underwhelming. Some nice Wayne Thiebaud prints, someone painting Diebenkorn “Ocean Park”-like landscapes side-on, …? All blur together. (And no Deborah Butterfield horse sculpture from Gallery Paule Anglim to long for desperately 🐎.)

The main trend: a painting on the wall isn’t enough, it’s got to be trompe-l’œil, or have video, or light up, or be made of feathers or scrunched/rolled-up paper, or wrap around the frame, plus the same lenticular schtick from when I went pre-Covid (it’s a nun, move your head, no she’s naked!, wow so meaningful 😕).

This video frame inside lenticular sums it up.

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