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cars: BMW i8 climbs down from greatness

The good news is some version of the BMW i8 will probably enter production. It’s still a looker, but the EfficientDynamics Vision concept was beyond belief, easily the greatest concept car so far this millennium. (Watch the designers talk about … Continue reading

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cars: aftermarket versions as status symbols

When it comes to status symbol cars , I’m always reminded of this purveyor: Cars are an extension of ourselves, like DNA. And if you have the wrong DNA, you should be put out to pasture. When it comes to … Continue reading

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cars: progress in eco, not in design

Toyota’s 2012 high mpg warpath, Subaru’s best mpg all-wheel drive car. Continue reading

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cars: 1990s slant-nose beauties

I’ve seen a few Ferrari 458s on the road. It’s a strange, intense-looking car in person. In a debate on its beauty someone brought up the Ferrari F355. For sure the F355 is a beautiful car. It’s such a smooth … Continue reading

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cars: every car will have an electric motor

* Every accessory becomes electric so that the engine can turn off at a standstill. *The car recovers some energy from braking to recharge its battery, energy that’s otherwise wasted as hot brake pads. * The car has an efficient motor to propel it with electricity from the battery. Continue reading

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cars: GreenDriveExpo

After I ate my vegan granola, I pedaled over to the Green Drive Expo to celebrate alternative fuel vehicles (“Stupid smug eco hippies!” – Cartman) I missed Toyota’s talk, I would have loved to say “What the hell have you … Continue reading

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