cars: 1990s slant-nose beauties

I’ve seen a few Ferrari 458s on the road. It’s a strange, intense-looking car in person. In a debate on its beauty someone brought up the Ferrari F355.
Ferrari F355 Spider

For sure the F355 is a beautiful car. It’s such a smooth clean joy to behold. No grille, and no headlamps! (Nowadays, any car that’s not a sports car has a stupid non-functional shiny grille between the headlights, and every car has vast elongated headlights.) I love the F355 so much I bought three — Hot Wheels 1:64, Hot Wheels 1:18, and the Barbie radio control model that can only drive straight or reverse in a circle. (Whenever I meet Ferrari owners I ask if their F355 has the same steering problem, and if its mirrors fall off like mine.)

However, from that front angle, and only from that angle, the Lotus Elan (the ’90s M100 version) looks even nicer.
Lotus Elan (M100)
(dave_7’s Flickr photo)

The Elan was petite and thus light, and some say it’s the finest-handling front-wheel drive car ever made. But it was expensive, especially compared to the nostalgic retro Mazda Miata that launched at the same time.

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  1. pervertt says:

    Never in a Porsche though. The 930 looked plain weird with a slant nose.

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