music: “Don’t Disturb this Groove” near-great 12-inch

The System’s “Don’t Disturb this Groove” is a monster jam, filled with lush melodic touches and impassioned vocals with inventive vocal overdubs.So the 12-inch should be one of the greatest of all time!?

Alas, nu-uh. It’s one of many unexceptional 12-inch singles that Atlantic cranked out, like all my Atlantic/Cotillion CHIC 12-inchers. It’s at 33 1/3, not 45 rpm, on slim vinyl and the grooves aren’t as spaced out as they could be; maybe that’s why the bass isn’t as enveloping as it deserves to be. The mysterious increased sonic depth of (most) vinyl emphasizes the painfully fake synth brass sound. The record masterer is uncredited. It’s good, but it should be eargasmic. Maybe the album version is better, maybe I need a better turntable. There are rumors of a European 45rpm 12-inch, but no photographic evidence. Oh well.

The girl’s “uh-huh”… “yessss” at 2:28 – 2:43 are the sexiest affirmations in popular music! On the 12-inch, you can hear her giggling/gasping/crying during the intro. Audrey Wheeler, Dolette McDonald, & Michelle Cobbs are credited on backing vocals for the album, but B.J. Nelson has a credit for solo vocals on this track, I’d love to think it’s her. She’s the hugely talented singer on Scritti Politti’s equally great 80s albums (e.g. A Little Knowledge from Cupid & Psyche 85)!

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