social web: not so friendly

I’m incredulous that people have more than 100 “friends” on Facebook, let alone 1000+.

I used to regularly unfriend people, prompted by Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “National Unfriend Day.” Simply people I didn’t know well, didn’t interact with any more, or didn’t find their posts interesting. I never shared my contact list with Facebook (or Instagram, or WhatsApp) nor did I bulk-friend schoolmates and workmates, so I was never above 70 “friends”! I care about words, and Facebook’s use of “Friend” is an appalling perversion. RIP Google+ and its better “Circles” semantics. 

When I’m feeling unloved I view my 55 pending Facebook Friend Requests 😉. It’s nothing personal! Like Groucho Marx I’m dubious of anyone who would want to be a member of my unexclusive club. You can always add my “blog” to your iGoogle home page or other “RSS reader” to keep up with my ideas like it’s 1999 and we haven’t ceded control over the infogruel we thoughtlessly consume to awful corporations who have zero interest in our well-being.

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