music: 20 great Elvis Costello songs are the tip of the iceberg

American Songwriter has a long click-through article “The Top 50 Elvis Costello Songs of All Time.”

(promotional image? I can’t find a photographer or copyright)

It’s a hell of a list (actually only 20, they updated the h1 heading but not the title) by one if the greats. We own original releases of almost everything Elvis Costello has recorded, but the rarities in the list make a good case for buying all the bonus disc deluxe Rhino blahblah reissues as well. I agree with every inclusion author Jim Beviglia makes, and he picks the best songs from Trust ♥️ (that album was my gateway into major fandom after loving “Alison” and liking the early singles), but leaving out “Couldn’t Call it Unexpected No. 4”?!

Elvis is an elite member of the “run of five great albums” club, along with Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, … I don’t mind obscurity and one-hit wonders, but this level of quality will (often) out.

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